DM15 L&B 4 Wheel Open Wagon Kit

Dundas Models

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Lynton & Barnstaple 4 - Wheel Open Wagon with Side-Hung Doors This kits contains a plastic body and chassis, metal wheels and white metal vacuum pipes and brake level. Couplings not included. Unlike the narrow gauge railways of North Wales the Lynton and Barnstaple railway did not serve one particular industry and was dependant on the general traffic of the district with coal being predominant. included in the original goods stock purchased were eight 4-wheeled open wagons and six 4-wheeled goods vans, all being of four ton capacity. The goods vans were based on the same underframe as the open wagons, had bodies of vertical match-boarding on the internal framing and were fitted with a pair of sliding doors each side. they remained unmodified throughout their existence. These vehicles were vacuum-fitted and had a handbrake lever on one side.