DM27 W^D Bogie Goods or Ambulance Kit

Dundas Models

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WW1 War Deptartment Bogie Goods Van or Ambulance Van This kit contains a plastic body, one-piece plastic bogies with white metal wheels and handrail wire etc. The bogies are designed to be used with Bemo OO9 couplings (not included) During 1916 the development of a 60cm gauge railway system by the war dept. called for a series of 10ton high capacity bogie vehicles to be built, many thousands of these vehicles were produced. After the war both public and individual railways purchased these wagons from the surplus sales. Due to their sound design and construction they can still be found on narrow gauge railways today. These vans were daul purpose vehicles, basically designed as ambulance vans but being capable of conversion to general goods vans by dismantling the ambulance fittings.