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Lost Lines - Bangor to Afonwen


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Authors Paul Lawton and D. W. Southern continue this series of pocket books exploring Wales railway heritage, each revealing a lost line of Wales. Though some of these lines are not lost in the sense of complete abandonment, this series re-captures the impact and grandeur of steam.The closure of many of these lines has had significant and lasting impact, and the recovery of some routes is of public relevance and a source of debate today. The history and social background of the railway and its passengers is explored station by station and its story brought vividly to life through extensive research and archive photography, much of which has never been previously published. In this addition, take a nostalgic steam-powered journey back in time on the long-closed service between Bangor and Afon Wen, cut as part of the Beeching Axe in 1964.This compact guide is a rich and highly informative account of an essential aspect of British heritage. Hardcover: 64 pages