A Hot & Copper Sky

J M Ozanne

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A Hot & Copper Sky

Tremadog Bay and beyond
Close-hauled at 8 knots
Tide rips and whirlpools…

“You need more experience. Let me help you.”

A wise, generous offer to Cassie Jones and this time, she listens. Young, female and in a new job, her ability to manage Madoc Marine will be in serious doubt with boat-owning clients unless she can advise them with conviction.

Fast-tracked to a new level of expertise in the world of yachts and powerboats, running two boatyards are the least of her worries. Someone
doesn’t want her there. Threats from an unknown source, deepening relationships and hidden
agendas, dramatic weather and tragic events conspire against her bid for independence.

Fortune has crossed her path more than once, but has she used it wisely?

What will her future hold?

The third and final book in ‘the boat shed’ trilogy, J.M. Ozanne