British Steam Military Connections: LNER & Tornado

Pen & Sword Books Ltd

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The naming of steam locomotives was a beloved British tradition since the first railway locomotives appeared in 1804. Many of the names were chosen in honor of military personnel, regiments, squadrons, naval vessels, aircraft, battles and associated historic events. This volume looks specifically at the steam locomotives with military-inspired names that were built by the London & North Eastern Railway, which joined the British Railways stock in 1948.
A large number of the company’s Jubilee class locomotives were given names with a military connection, as were a small number of Black Five class engines. Famously the majority of the much-admired Royal Scot class of engines carried names associated with the military in general and regimental names in particular.
Many of the nameplates were adorned with ornate crests and badges. Long after the demise of mainline steam, rescued nameplates have become prized collectors’ items. This generously illustrated publication highlights the relevant steam locomotives and explains the origins and social history surrounding their military names.