LEVC TX Electric Taxi - Tupelo Red (OXF76TX5002)

Oxford Diecast

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1:76 Scale LEVC TX Taxi - Tupelo Red

The LEVC TX electric taxi in 1:76in bright red colour scheme with black and grey interior. Lots of black and silver exterior trim are in sharp contrast to the rich body colour and our vehicle is registered LT68 OZO from the second half of 2018.

A final detail has the TAXI sign decorated in yellow and black placed centrally on the front of the roof above the windscreen. The real-life LEVC TX Electric Taxi is built by the London EV Company at their Coventry Works and is a plug-in hybrid designed to comply with London Transport's regulations introduced in 2017. This legislation bans all new taxis being diesel powered and institutes a zero-emission policy.

The vehicle drives in full electric mode all the time with a range of 377 miles (607 km) and is recharged by an 81 hp Volvo 1.5 litre turbo-charged three-cylinder petrol engine. The charge connectors are mounted on either side of the radiator grille. A feat of British engineering without a doubt.