South Coast (Prestige Series)

Venture Publications

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The legendary GHF Atkins, perhaps the finest English photographer of road passenger transport vehicles, and happily still with us as these words are being written, started his photographic hobby in 1927 and was still taking photographs 75 years later.

Although, as is well known by readers of books featuring his work in Venture's Prestige Series, his work was concentrated upon his home of Nottingham and surrounding areas, he pursued a policy of taking summer holidays at various coastal locations, from which came a fine series of illustrations from Scarborough down and round the coast back up to Llandudno. In this volume, his work "down south" is considered, and we are treated to a series of portraits of, among others, East Kent, Maidstone & District, Southdown and Devon General.

Regular Venture author John Banks has provided an introductory text and detailed captions.