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These adorable Ty Beanie Boos are 15cm and are always ready to play and cuddle with you. Cinder the Dragon is by no means a ferocious beast! Her soft plush glittery green body, jazzy purple wings and beautiful big sparkly eyes makes her the perfect cuddling companion for any tiny tot!

Legends and myths all rolled into one, Grindal the dragon is nothing but fun. Along with the folklore of mystical things this dragon’s a unicorn with red sparkly wings. He has golden eyes and gold on his chest, he is ready to start an adventurous quest. He has silky soft scales and is black as the night, and his unicorn horn is glittery bright.

Enter a world of adventures with this Saffire the Dragon Beanie Boo Buddy. This adorable little dragon will make the perfect playtime and nighttime companion for your little explorer. The soft toy is highly tactile and comes with adorable eyes to help encourage play and is even better when you add other Beanie Boo Buddies to form a Beanie Boo pile.

The Anora the Dragon Beanie Boo features sparkling and multitextured detailing that's designed to liven up any existing Ty collection in true fairytale fashion. Featuring the iconic Beane Boo sparkling eyes, a multicoloured pair of wings, and even a sensational all-over glittered finish, this adorable plush is perfect for snuggling, cuddling, and even for inspiring an array of creative playtime scenarios.
Darla is a bright pink dragon covered in sparkles. She has large, glittery green button eyes with a sleepy expression and embroidered nostrils. The inside of her ears are shiny and green, she has two shiny green wings and a shiny green spine. Darla’s belly is made from a pale pink fabric. 

'Y Draig Goch' (The Red Dragon) is a bright red dragon with gold and black button eyes and red nostrils. He has a darker red belly and a darker red ridge running along his spine. He has red wings with tiny sparkles on them and an embroidered Welsh flag on his left side.