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Lost Tramways of England - Nottingham

Graffeg Limited

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Peter Waller is a knowledgeable writer on tramway matters and packs a lot of detail into each of these little books. They will be of interest both to tram enthusiasts and anyone interested in the transport history of the cities in question.'

The Journal of the Friends of the National Railway Museum Now the proud possessor of one of the country's second-generation tramways, the city of Nottingham had two traditional electric tramway operations, that of the corporation and that of the Notts & Derby company. Dominant for the first 25 years of the century, by the mid-1920s a new form of transport, the trolleybus, came to epitomise the future and all of the city s first-generation trams had been withdrawn by the mid-1930s.

This guide documents these first efforts stop by stop and provides fascinating visual insight into the city at the time of operation through a range of archive photography, much of which is appearing in print for the first time.