Advancing in a Forward Direction

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Most comprehensive SBG listing ever

Advancing in a Forward Direction is the most comprehensive listing ever of the buses and coaches purchased by what was commonly known as the Scottish Bus Group, covering the period from 1946 to 1991. The start date was chosen as the year when what was then the Scottish Motor Traction Group of companies started buying new postwar models. The closing date marks the end of state ownership of the Group, which had been nationalised in 1949.

In this book there are details not only of the 11,166 buses and coaches bought new by the Group, but also the 1,171 buses and coaches of 23 different chassis makes acquired from the 52 operators taken over by the Group, and almost 700 second-hand purchases.

The principal section covers new purchases, with the vehicles arranged alphabetically by chassis manufacturer, from AEC to Volvo, with an overview of each model setting the Group’s purchases in context.