Cambrian Railways Drawings Part 1: 1853-1892

Welsh Railways Research Circle

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Welsh Railway Records Volume 4:
Cambrian Railways Drawings. Part 1: 1853-1892

The first of two planned volumes of drawings based on the Mike Morton Lloyd/ Trefor Jones collection held by the Circle. Because there were so many gaps in the drawings, it was decided to add to them and make the two volumes as complete as possible. This part therefore contains 

· 22 drawings of all the locomotives and tenders owned by the company up to 1892, including those which were rebuilt by the GWR

· 23 drawings of carriages and non-passenger carrying stock covering the same period

· 15 drawings of brake vans and goods vehicles from 1853 to 1892

· Complete detailed listings of all locomotives, carriages, non-passenger carrying stock, service vehicles, brake vans and goods stock owned by the company throughout its existence.

Many of these drawing have never been available before and all those except the MML/TJ collection have been redrawn for publication, usually from official drawings.

There are also numerous black-and-white photographs.